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Imagine being where you are now, next year.
Imagine holding the same level of fat, strength, and feeling low energy.

How crappy would that feel?

If you’re anything like me – you hate to be putting forth massive amounts of effort and time for very little pay off.

There’s a lot of fitness instructors out there offering training and nutrition programs without any real in-the-trenches experience.

Would you hire a lawyer who has never won a case?  No, so please don’t put your health and fitness goals in the hands of a armchair trainer who doesn’t practice what they preach.

If you want to skip the phoney baloney fitness information you try from other bodybuilding/fitness websites and want results than you need someone who is going to kick you the real deal.

The problem is much of the fitness information on the web is half-truths that are only good if you’re the type of person it applies too. There’s too many variables to take into account to make absolute statements on how to eat and train.  This is where a coach who lives the lifestyle comes into play.

Most programs on the web are not personalized, adaptable, or customized to the facts about you, your life, experience, goals, stress levels, and your schedule.. (A Program is only as good as your ability to implement it!)

I’ll tell you this… if the trainer or coach doesn’t get to know YOU as a person, how applicable is his/her plan going to be for you?

He/She may be able to tell you what macros to eat – do they establish your food behavior patters as well…who do you eat with? How slow do you eat?  What is the quality of your meals and your enjoyment?  These are a different set of questions then typically asking “what” you eat..

I create plans from all your personal facts and preferences.

Skype Consultations and Phone Calls – $60 per 30 minute calls – we go over a detailed personalized program for you and your goals as you tell me your past history and where you want to go.



After an in-depth assessment via an electronic questionnaire, I’ll design a comprehensive diet and training program to achieve those goals without wrecking your lifestyle or making you jump through crazy hoops.

If you can’t stick to it, you won’t do it!  What’s the point of embarking on some diet or routine that you can’t live life on.  Fitness should meld into your life, your life should not be forced into a fitness routine.

I take on self motivated clients who want a change and know there way around a gym.  You don’t have to have a PHD in exercise, but at least know the difference of a dumbbell and a barbell.


Here’s what you will get:

  • Customized diet plan to rapidly change your body
  • A 4 week individualized Weight Training program to make you more defined and build solid muscle, we change programs every four weeks to keep your body guessing
  • Monthly Transformation photo evaluations to judge how you are progressing
  • Grocery List (FREE BONUS)
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Joining our Private FB Group where we hold each other accountable and share motivation and fitness knowledge
  • How to maximize your Health and stay away from getting sick, balance that fat storing hormone insulin, and coax your body to fat loss
  • Weekly check ins and program changes to keep you from stalling in your progress
  • All the motivation and knowledge you need, my brain is yours to pick through the whole process

I guarantee you will learn more from me training online then you will spending months and hundreds of dollars from your local gyms Personal Trainer.

If you don’t get results after training or notice any benefits – I will HAPPILY refund your money.  

If you want to save some hassle and let me put a killer program together for you – you can get a hold of me through my coaching email


City for In-Person Training: Dallas/Ft. Worth/Grapevine

Let’s get started.

For those interested in-person training in the Grapevine/Ft.Worth/Dallas area, please contact me via email.


Twitter: Joshua.Meyers84


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