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Welcome To MeyersMuscles Training

If you’re on this page for a quick fat loss or health fix, please click away. Life seldom has simple solutions and you will be sorely disappointed with a product or service that doesn’t help you become healthy for the long haul.

I don’t even believe in get-rich-quick OR get-healthy-quick schemes.

I want you to know I take the commitment to you seriously so you can expect nothing but the best and my full attention in your progress.

To ensure YOUR Best Success it is critical for you to follow the guidelines given to you when we embark on this journey or change together.

The programs will dramatically contribute to greater success in all of the following areas:

– Adding Strength

– Improving Recovery so you can train harder / Perform better

– Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

– Speeding Up Your Metabolism & Increasing Fat Loss

– Improving Conditioning / Stamina

– Improving Speed / Explosive Power

– Improved Mental Focus / Concentration / Energy Levels

– Improved Athletic Performance

– Improved Overall Health

My Nutrition View In a Nutshell:

The healthiest way you can eat is a nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic!  This approach should be based off your bio-individuality and consists of whole foods from nature.  

There’s certain commonalities in the many different nutrition protocols that work for a reason.  Meaning, there’s many ways to skin a cat, but the best way is what is most efficient for YOU, given all the preferences and individual circumstances that make you you, and will make you WANT to adhere to it.

You won’t stick with what you don’t love.

I believe in furthing your health first or foremost, so I won’t recommend drastic protocols that jeapordize that.  If you want results by any means necessary, that’s not what I do.  I want what’s optimal for you first and foremost.

From there we choose the framework to get your results:

It may be carb cycling, zig zag caloric dieting, carb backloading, ketogenic dieting, a 40/40/20 Diet, intermittent fasting, etc. on more!  There’s many combinations. 

Recommended Reading:

-The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

-Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price

– Nutrient Timing

– Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto

– Primal Mind, Primal Body

Quality foods are Critical to Your Success

There’s no getting around the fact that what will make you feel, look, and perform the best is what will fulfill your nutrient deficiencies.

Supplements are JUST that, a supplement to youralready in place, solid nutrition dense habits.   Supplements or such a small part of the equation, they’re only worth mentioning to remind people of that fact.  There certainly is a place for certain once that go a long way.

Your Focus should be on following a natural, organic, whole food, anti-inflammatory diet. Sugars and dairy are what typically increase inflammation in the joints and the gut.Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats and legumes should make up the large majority of your caloric intake. This means avoiding fast food like the plague and smarter choices when eating out.

Training Philosophy:

The program that works best is the one you adhere too the most precisely.  Everything works, but not everything works for long.

This is why a structured program that peaks and tapers, leading into a NEW program after you’ve reaped the adaptation of the one you were on –  is KEY to your evolving progression.

The focus should be on bringing up YOUR weak areas, and maximizing YOUR strengths.  

How Payment Works for training

Payment is monthly, cash, check, paypal, venmo, squarecash are all methods of payment.

You will send payment on the final day of your 4-week program so that your next program can be created and sent to you.  Programs won’t be written until payment is received, if you’d like to send it earlier that is fine.  Once you start day 1 of your new routine that is the mark of your month of training.

If you want to pay for multiple months up front your training price WILL be DISCOUNTED.

I LOVE Referrals

If you are a member of Meyers Muscles it is highly likely you found out about me from someone else. This is how we prefer to accept clients as they already understand the commitment involved as you’ve likely told them how Awesome we are!

If you know of other highly motivated people please let them know about our training by introducing us through an e mail or have them contact us for discounted coaching to try.


Skype Consultations and Phone Options – $60 per 30 minute calls – we go over a detailed personalized program for you and your goals as you tell me your past history and where you want to go.

Dedicated to your success,

Josh Meyers

Strength and Conditioning Coach

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