Reps and How to Use Them


Few people know this but…

The exercises you choose…

The order in which they are performed…

The number of reps and sets done for each

And how the exercises themselves are executed play a HUGE role in your ability to garner results

  • Higher rep, low intensity is ideal for increasing blood flow early on in the workout, inducing joint lubrication and providing a necessary warm-up prior to heavier or more intense forms of exercise
  • Lower rep, moderate intensity, high velocity exercise is ideal for eliciting nervous system excitation. This ha s direct carryover to your ability to generate power ideal for athletic endeavors
  • Moderate rep, moderate intensity with adequate volume exercise is ideal for inducing muscle growth
  • Low rep, high intensity low velocity exercise (you are trying to lift fast but the weight is heavy) is ideal for eliciting nervous system excitation and muscular system response. Strength and muscular development.Pistolquat

    A concurrent workout may use all of these in the same workout and be laid out as such:

    Bench Press: 3×5, Incline DB Press 3×8, Peck Deck 3×12, Cable Crossovers 2×15, Pushups 2×20.

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