Primal Bodybuilding is an 8 Week Program that incorporates the 3 areas of Physique Development – Strength, Size, and Conditioning

I’ve noticed there are multiple groups of fitness people. The first group are those who “say” they’re going to the gym. They’re the ones who on January first constantly make the commitment that this year is their year – the year they get in the best shape of their life!

This group always flakes out.  This group has a problem with accountability.  Their drive isn’t fully there. 95% of fitness programs and authors cater to this group. I will NOT be doing that here.

If your biggest problem is motivation to actually GO to the gym; then please look elsewhere, this won’t be the program for you.  The second group of people are those who are much less served. They have the discipline and desire; they are working hard to find the right fitness knowledge and routines that will improve their physiques. This group usually doesn’t have a program to begin with, most of the time they are winging it in their own training.  If they do follow a program, they often get distracted by all the promises on the internet about certain methods of training. Paralysis by analysis hits like a ton of bricks and they begin doubting the program they’re on.

If you’re like how I was at this stage – you turn into a program hopper, constantly jumping from one to another trying to find the best one for you. What people are missing are optimal programs that take into account the critical factors for lean muscle building and increased work capacity!

Primal Bodybuilding is for those who are already disciplined already consistent gym go-ers, and wanting to take their game to the next level.

Most Fitness Programs on the internet want to make it all about one thing – you’ve heard them elevate different aspects of weight lifting :

  • “It’s all about the weight! The more weight equals more muscles!
  • “No, it’s all about time under tension! Slow to grow!”
  • “No, it’s all about volume!”
  • “What about work capacity? What good is a Ferrari with no engine?”

Due to most coaches bias they lean towards developing their programs heavily on one factor of training.  Max OT, Heavy Duty Training, Hypertrophy programs, etc. There’s value in all these methods – but what has worked best for me is when I don’t leave out any factors that contribute towards growth. I’ll give you a hint of what sets the best from the rest.. Incorporating the right types of training and when to periodize volume is what builds a body The best know how to periodize their progress; they are not doing the same thing day in and day out – month after month. 

How many people are still doing a long term program and still getting results? How many people are lifting the same amount this year as they were a year or two ago? 1,000 new guys start a training program, excited and ready to kill it, yet they don’t know if what they are doing is building muscle or how much their body will change.

They feel they worked out hard because they are aerobically exhausted. Have you tried what was an awesome workout routine from a magazine or website …only to find that the plan didn’t seem to give half the rewards that was marketed? Have you ever wondered what supplements are garbage and which ones are worth their weight? …there’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water, some things do make an impact!

Have you tried eating “clean” or finding which foods would support your training the best …only to find yourself lost in the maze of nutrition information overload?

There are several critical factors that need to be optimized in order to have a badass program that gives results. My 8 week program will ensure you are in range for killer progress with these factors:

  • Exercise Selection
  • Central Nervous System stimulation
  • Rep Speed (slow for growth, fast for power)
  • Training Volume (one of the most important factors for growth)
  • Workout Duration/Work Capacity
  • Rest/Recovery Work

  In this 8 week program you will work on improving your strength (those reps in the 1-5 range) your myofibriliar hypertrophy(the greatest rep range for growth 5-8, sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (the 9-15 range that gives those muscles that round thick look), and muscular endurance and work capacity using intense long challenge sets. Your lung capacity will improve as well without doing long endless bouts of cardio!  

After 8 weeks you will be bigger, stronger, lean and mean! No longer do you have to choose between forsaking your athleticism and ability to play sports with a goal like building muscle!

Listen, I was that guy in 2005... dogpet This is in college after I had already been working out for 5 years straight!  I was skinny, but lean – I loved bodybuilding as you can tell from the Animal Pak Poster on the wall of my first apartment to the right! Now 12 years later, I've put on 40 lbs of rock-solid muscle and am leaner than ever. flexin1  I was:

  • 150 lbs soaking wet when I started training and could barely do a single chin-up.
  • Skinny, weak, and I would get exhausted running around the block!  MY conditioning was horrible and I was suppose to be a athlete?! 
  • Bouncing around between different programs searching for the "best" program even though I didn't know how to quantify what "best" actually meant.  
  • Getting slightly bigger after trying powerlifting routines, but mostly due to extra FAT
  • Exhausted from forcing myself to lift HEAVY every other day. I did not know how to cycle training intensity in a way to keep me progressing and being healthy.
  • Eating what I thought was healthy but ended up going straight to my belly
  • Finding nothing that actually stuck and gave me that strong and lean body I wanted

arrow  flexin2  I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand ebooks that are the length of novels. This is only 64 pages.  It’s to the point and is complete with a hardcore 8 week program to building muscle and blast fat.  This is not for wimps and whiners!  You’ll get nutrition and supplement advice as a bonus.

I’m not going to wham bam you with magical food crap and try to oversell you on some hype.  I know what’s good and I listed it in this ebook. When I was skinny and fat, I actually bragged about how I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain a pound. I thought my weakness was strength because my abs showed a little bit.

Genetics have little to do with it I don’t have the "best bodybuilding genetics". No one has maxed out their genetics in my opinion!  How would you even know if you had? Seeking constant information and staying focused I managed to change myself DGP_1368_original  My training philosophy is simple, simple is primal, and primal is intrinsic:

I train with intensity first and foremost, but the intensity is cycled in a way that does not lead to burn out.

I train to be STRONG and on top of that foundation I train for aesthetics second. I once heard a top bodybuilder say that a workout can have many sets but it needs at least 8-10 gut wrenching intense sets that really change the physique.  I believe quality matters.

I don’t believe high volume with moderate intensity will take you places physique wise if you leave out heavy lifting, and I don’t believe 1-3 sets of your top heavy weight alone is really going to keep progress going at a great rate if you want aesthetics in the picture as well as strength.  There needs to be a blend.  I believe in strength, high volume, conditioning, and some high intense finisher sets that shock the body now and then.  Why would you want only part of the equation?

  • Train hard like a Viking when lifting for Strength
  • Train like a methodical Scientist-of-Size when training for Hypertrophy
  • Train like fighter when going for high intensity sets
  • There has to be structure, but more than that their needs to be heart and soul in your workouts!

The Workout that Hardens Men from Clay into Iron

The best bodies often do not always house the best minds.  Vice versa as well. Are you going to follow a plan that is suited by someone who never looked anything like you?  Or by someone who is an armchair trainer? I don’t jump up and down like a doofus, and I don’t overcomplicate things with bullcrap. Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.


"I started training with josh about 10 months ago. What a great experience it has been. I have trimmed my weight by 15 pounds and added solid muscle throughout. Josh consistently develops new workouts that challenge me.  He pushes me with innovative circuit and workout combinations that I never would have come up with myself. Working out with Josh has been fun and rewarding.  Thanks Josh!"  -- Travis Flory

“I have been lifting since I was 12 years old. Always been around fitness, working at and managing gyms, spending hours lifting and trying to achieve the body I desired. After being inspired by my girlfriend to try out Josh Meyers Program and after endless years of not quite getting where I wanted, he transformed my techniques and dieting and quickly made me realize what was possible with someone who had a deeper knowledge and understanding of the body and how it works.”  -- Chris Chilton, NPC Competitor

"I spent five years training with Josh Meyers.  I changed the way my body looks and how I feel about myself.  Josh doesn't come across as some obnoxious Alpha Male, he is fit, well traveled, articulate, and isn't afraid to speak his mind.  Time and money well spent!"  --Clark Patterson, Musician

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going to Get

  • Primal Bodybuilding is an 8-Week Training Program broken into 2 phases of 4 weeks each. All your training parameters will be covered in these 8 weeks.

You will emphasis building your levels of strength, muscle size, and conditioning that will give you a chiseled hard look with the strength and power to back it up.  There are different ways to train to improve on each of these elements and this program has them covered.

  • Nutritional Guidelines and advice on the best foods to eat for each macronutrient –

I took note of things that made me gain body fat and what took it off.   Made me feel lethargic, run down, and sick.  The things that made me energetic, clear thinking, and strong.

  • Supplement Advice on what works and is tested by science – you will get information on supplements for health and vitality, increased performance and muscle building, brain function, and fat loss.

Normally a program design like this for a online client would cost $80, but right now for the launch special you get this 8-week Program now for $7

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