Arm Blast

A short but intense arm session that definitely pumped up the pipes, no inspirational quotes or messages in this post.   Search for that and more descriptive knowledge in my other posts.

Here’s the biz-ness:

Superset#1 Seated Alternating DB Curls w/ Straight Bar Skullcrushers – 4 sets of 12-6 reps getting heavier each set

Superset#2 Inclie Bench DB Skullcrushers w/ Standing Hammer Curls – 4 sets of 15-10 reps

GIANT SET (4 exercises, 2 biceps, 2 triceps) – Rope Pressdowns, to Preacher Curls, to narrow had pushups, to Rope Curls – 3 times through, 15-20 rep range.

FINISHER – NARROW BAR ON LAT PULLDOWN – BEHIND THE NECK CURLS (lean forward and curl the bar to the base of your neck) – 1 set of 50 reps  see pic above

2012-12-23 14.47.49

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Never Let It All Go

“I used to be just like you, bro! But you’ll see, you’re gonna grow and not have the time or energy…… bla bla bla”

You hear this from people all the time, people who at some point just decided to.. let it go.
It reminds me that through the years of training, or lifting and eating well, you have to stay the course and never “let it all go”

I’ve seen guys who were muscle building monsters, but they were only in it for vanity, and when that left there life.. they let it all go. People who only workout for a bodybuilding goal; or a goal of the next marathon of endurance event.

You need more than that to keep you accountable.

Otherwise you become one of these, “I use to be….”
It’s okay to not be at your “peak” let your peak be what it is. It will be different at 25, then at 35. It’ll be different at 45 then at 65. Who said maintaining a peak as the goal?

Have pride in being strong and being the worker that you are.

There’s so many variations in this fitness and health game, that it never has to grow stale.
As you age, keep your heart pumping. Knees hurt when you run, get on a airdyne bike. Elbows hurt when pressing with a bar? Let’s build you up with some bodyweight drills and minimize joint stress.

It all has its place – light, moderate, and heavy sets.
Training is training, never discriminate it.
Success is much more of a mindset than an actual place to arrive at.


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Outdoor Cardio and Abs

“To be effective, goals have to be objective. You aren’t chasing a feeling. You can make yourself feel however you want. You need to chase a metric.”  

– Ed Latimore

A natural itch occurs when summer strikes for two things – to breath heavy and sweat outside and to eat more fruit.

The body has seasonal rhythms, for food and for activity.  Summer is one where I highlight conditioning, strength progression, and eating lighter meals.  I instinctively want to do this when the heat hits.

Today, I waited five hours after a powerlifting workout to go out in nature at 2:30 on a hot Dallas day.   I like to consume 2 meals between sessions if working out twice a day.


This simplistic workout outside refreshed me for the day:

– Ran 1/2 mile intervals for a total of 2.5 miles.  I would rest about 1-2 minutes every 1/2 mile mark.

-Field Sprints – 2 at about 70% for 60 yards.  6 at 100% for 80 yards.


Hanging Straight bar Leg Raises – 3 sets of 15 (lower slow)

Decline Situps- 3 sets of 25

Crossover Bicycle Crunches (turn your shoulders, and roll your tailbone towards your with each leg movement, don’t just pedal your legs by themselves)  3 sets of 30.



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Improving is a Purpose

In my last post we took apart the concept of purpose and framed it as the wrong question we should be asking.

Many times when our circumstances aren’t changing, it’s because we are changing within our circumstance.  The wisdom, maturity, and strength that grows within us are things we are going to need to sustain us for greater missions in life.

Image result for purpose

Here’s the second part to that:

Ensuring our own self imrpovement is a purpose while on our journey, allows another purpose to take form, a more specific purpose.

I got this from writer Chad Howse and it was uniquely powerful:

“If you feel that their isn’t something specific in your life you are chasing.   If you don’t have a company you’re building, a clear mission you’re aiming to fulfill, your mission is simply to become better, to explore, to find that mission by trying anything and everything and discovering what you like and what you want.

Your mission is improvement, and there’s not a moment that can be wasted on self-pity when your life it at stake, when your future self is dependent on your current actions.

Your purpose is to become the best person you can possibly become. Your purpose is to reach your true potential. If you’re improving and working, a way to serve humanity will present itself. The world needs the best you, you are required to become the best you, and solitude is a wonderful place to craft this legendary persona.

You continuing to stay in the process of becoming your best self, should always be a purpose in your life.  It is going to be the source of power for other opportunities and missions to spring board off of.

It’s like the old saying, “When the student it ready, the Master will appear.”  Well, if the student keeps growing and improving, opportunity will appear.

Stay on the path.



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Purpose and Why You Shouldn’t Make Long Term Goals

A notion that has never sat well with me is about purpose.   We hear about it all the time from motivational books, to Oprah-type programs, to speakers who claim to have found it.  When people talk about purpose they usually say something like, “do what you love.”  Or “find and chase your passion.”

I want to suggest to you something about ‘purpose’ you may have never heard before…

I was raised into thinking that when you are growing up you have to be a good student, honor your parents, get good grades, then later on have an education and skills, go to college, then get a good job, find yourself a good woman to later marry and have kids.

You don’t “find” it. You CREATE it.

Because there is no purpose in life for us otherwise. I’m one of a billion of sperm, and so are you. Could have just as easily been the next one. We’re not accidents, but we also don’t get assigned a purpose and that’s a beautiful thing.

Tomorrow, either of use could slip on a banana peel and break our necks. Gone.
A meteor could come crashing through my windshield and it would be over.

I realized this a few years ago when I thought “I found a purpose” and began a new life in a new career in a state.   When my circumstances changed, some due to unforeseen external forcues… my purpose changed.  My work changed, my personal life changed.

Thus … my “purpose” was gone. So now it was up to me to create a purpose.

We’ve all heard that “EAT / PRAY / LOVE” crap women talk about. “Finding themselves”. We are constantly talking about a need to “find themselves”.

As if you don’t take any active role in their own lives. Some people will actually make a drastic life decision (like cheating, breaking up, moving, changing careers, spouses, etc0 from a life of purpose (motherhood, fatherhood, mentor, coach) to “find themselves” as if they didn’t have a purpose already.

Observe the way the current mainstream culture talks about “love”. Same crap. (i.e. When will I FIND “myself”? etc.)

It’s important to stop talking about “finding” it, and start CREATING it.
Mature people CREATE themselves.

Looking to find purpose is like waiting for things to happen to you. Tsunamis “happen”. Brain tumors “happen”. But creating a purpose doesn’t happen to you. You go out and MAKE it happen.

A lot of people let things happen to them and they unintentionally find themselves living a life they didn’t really want. That’s why taking an active role in your life is so important. I could have easily been a father TWICE already (or many more). But they only reason I am not, is because I was so focused on it.   Finding myself in situations were never really appealing to me.  Creating it was a priority.

If there wasn’t a need for this type of knowledge, I wouldn’t have written this blog.  There’s a purpose.

If I had no interest in self improvement and it didn’t bother me to leave a weak life in a weak body, I wouldn’t have the purpose I have now – there’s another purpose.

Travel the world?  I CREATED the purpose of joining the Marines and living in different countries.  That was a purpose.  I didn’t find my way there, I created it.

The purpose of “finding” (or having) a job is to work so you can make enough money to do things you want to do when you’re not working. Read that last sentence again. The work is not the purpose. Do you live to work? Or do you work to LIVE.

A super easy way to CREATE your purpose, or your “Script” in life:

Your script has three parts:

1. How you feel now.

2. How you want to feel in the future.

3. What it takes to bridge the gap between #1 and #2.

Then #3 will determine your purpose. Super simple, and it dispenses with all the new-age nonsense about “what you were born to do”.

Don’t worry about purpose.   It isn’t going to change anything even if you do find it.

Men and Women pull their hair out trying to find purpose.  Then once they do, they still continue pulling their hair out trying to fulfill it.   Being alive is purpose enough.  Purpose doesn’t give meaning to life.  Life gave it to purpose.  I can guarantee you that if you do an in-depth study of older languages they had no word for “purpose” yet those men continued on.

Observe as much as you can.  Remember your actions have both observable and unobservable consequences.  Don’t get upset about it at all.  Don’t ignore it either.

Why You shouldn’t Make Long Term Goals






Five year goals are much too limiting. If you asked me 5 years ago where I would be today, I would not have believed you. And if you asked me 10 years ago , where I would be 5 years ago, I would not have believed you either. My life is NO WHERE NEAR what I imagined 10 years ago.  Right now, I’ve been to another country and moved two states in the last 10 years!

The trick is to set short 6-month goals and to constantly be creating opportunities for yourself. IN doing so, you open doors for yourself and CREATE CHOICES. A man is not “rich” when he has money. He is rich when he has CHOICES. The poorest people have the fewest CHOICES. When you create CHOICES, there are little paths that open up for you. You want the ability to choose whether to go right or left as much as possible. If you make a GOOD short term goal and attain it, you proceed in that direction. If you make a BAD choice, you can take a step back and go the other way.

But if you set a 5 year goal in only ONE SPECIFIC DIRECTION you severely limit yourself along the way and restrict your path into only one direction which you don’t deviate from for FIVE YEARS!!!?  Who wants to do the last 5 years over again??

So lets say you have a 5-year goal.
A LOT can happen in 5 years that you weren’t counting on.
In fact, life will GUARANTEE to throw a few monkeys in the wrench and mess up your plan.
Perhaps the business you set out to start fails.
Perhaps the company you wanted to work for the next 10 years closes and goes under.
Perhaps you wanted to have your house paid off in 5 years,
but you lost your job after 18 months and couldn’t get one for another 9 months.

5-year goals are like tying your hands behind you back and telling yourself to RUN blind folded in one direction only, and then removing the blindfold in 5 years to see where you ended up.


then break then down into 12 week goals.

It’s much more realistic and your rate of success with be greatly enhanced.




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