Money, Freedom, and Power


“I stopped thinking about what I needed and how I could get rich quick. I started thinking about what other people needed.”  – Victor Pride

I didn’t start this site thinking I’d ever be writing about money.  But this site is about empowerment in all areas of life, and let’s face it, you’re not someone who is healthy, wealthy, and wise without having a firm control of money.
Money is a representation of your mentality.

Materially it’s worthless, it’s just paper.  However what it represents is freedom.  If you think you’re truly free, try going anywhere or doing anything without money.  Let me know how “free” you feel.

Money is a means to an end, it’s a vehicle to freedom.
That’s it.   There’s no moral point to be made about it.  It isn’t “the root of all evil” (the love of money is) but we aren’t in love with money, we are in love with what it provides – empowered life.

I’m not going to tell you to cut the starbucks out of your life and how if you saved it every year it’d compound into a million dollars in the market.
I’m not going to convince you of minimalism.

I’d rather argue the other direction and convince you to focus on GROWTH.  Too many financial gurus preach frugality.  And frugality is important because meaning and purpose cannot be found in material success.  However, you can become so obsessed with “cutting” things from your life when your energies should be growing opportunities to have abundance.

Money does 2 things:

1. It helps you serve people closely, not behind the layers of a corporation (nothing wrong with that, but you get a closer connection to those you serve).

2. It gives you freedom to control your fate.

I’m not going to philosophize about money, I’m going to give you exactly what I think you need to start making a better life for yourself.  I’ll give you what the books and Talking Heads leave out with some hard stats.

69% of people don’t have 1,000 dollars saved.  Over Half of Baby boomers aren’t even close to being ready for retirement.  It’s a scary state of affairs when the wealthiest country in the world “feels” like it’s close to broke despite the fact that most of us own more than 1 TV.

Point 1:  Most people have a consuming problem, and lack a Producing mindset.
Start looking at yourself and thinking as a producer.  Produce more than you consume.  If you live off of 3,000 dollars of consumption a month, you should be producing more than that.
Producers don’t spend on trends, they’re busy inventing the trends.  All the people buying their vehicles and purses to impress people they don’t even like are playing their game.

Point 2:  To make more you need skills, skills pay bills.  If you are starting with nothing, you need to get skilled up.   The more skills you have the more value you can offer.  If you’re good at something, really good, don’t do it for free.

Point 3:  If you have debt, get rid of it.  Debt is slavery, most people have it, and 1/3 of people don’t see themselves paying it off in their lifetime.  The borrower is slave to the lender.

Point 4:  Aim to make 2-3 times what you spend, at least.  Put away 3-6 months of income in savings.  (I have saved a full years worth because my profession can have big fluctuations and I’m naturally conservative and desire a big safety net)
After that, any extra income needs to go to investments.  Which brings me too…

Point 5:  Investments.  Your house and vehicle are NOT investments.  Sorry, they aren’t, I don’t care how much equity you have.  Your home is for living, that’s it, it’s not liquid cash.   Unfortunately for my generation, everyone will tell you to go with the Stock Market, and I do that as well.  There isn’t many vehicle options, but the Stock Market is the slowlane to wealth.  It’s better than nothing, but recognize it is the slowlane.  A lot of “shoulds” have to happen for you to get that wealth at the end of the road.
Option 2: is one everyone should be doing, investing in yourself.  Money spent on yourself should be to increase your value which should have you earning more.  This is money spent on your learning, your business, your knowledge, etc.
This option is basically funneling your money in your MONEY MAKING MACHINE, yourself, your business, getting skilled up in your field, etc.
There’s going to be many ways to make money as technology increases, you need to stay on top of learning what people are doing.

Option 3: Real Estate.  This isn’t my expertise, but some people would rather go this route in full force because the returns can SOMETIMES be greater than the market if you know your “ish.”   It’s not mine.  But it’s the one vehicle millennials are turning too in droves for quick cash.

I recommend YOU INCORPORATE.  You are the CEO of your life.  You are your own business, it doesn’t matter if you work for someone.  Adopts this mentality EVEN if you have a job and work for someone else.  Operating this way will have you growing your freedom and cutting dependency.  You don’t want to be a slave to anything, the tax man, THE man, your material possessions, etc.  If you got hit by a medical emergency you want to be ready… because it will happen as you get older.  There’s a million ways to be YOU INC.  – start a blog, start a youtube series talking about your passions and interest, start a side hustle, a podcast, a snow-cone stand, it doesn’t matter.

Love to work.  Learning to love to work can save your soul.   If you’re doing work you don’t love.  Quit immediately.  Seriously, what are you doing… quit.  If you can’t quit, they have the “golden handcuffs” on you.   That means the payment is too great and you’re trapped by the need of your possessions and the paycheck they’re giving you to make it all work.   You’ll have to take two steps back to go three forward.
There’s no reason to not love to work.  What’s the alternative?  Getting sucked into the hyper-reality vortex that is tv shows, becoming a beta-male sports fan with another mans name on your back, and regretting that monday is here again?

There is a big reason why welfare bums are miserable and need to self medicate, they don’t work.  When you don’t work you have no desire for life.  A day off is good when earned, but when it isn’t earned your soul should yearn to be doing more, this is a good thing.

If you have a “I will make it or die trying” mentality, you will make it.

Point 6:  There’s no reason to be poor.
Let me define poor really quickly by telling you what it’s not.. if you own a flat screen, a iphone, have internet access… you are NOT poor.

If you have been born into poverty, it is your choice to stay there.  We live in an age where even the 30-40K a year blue collar worker can retire okay, and live well in his later years IF he lives frugally and sensibly.  You may not have room for a lot of luxury but you can retire decent, saving 15-20% and investing it while living below your means.    This is possible in America.  However it is not possible if you make bad decisions, marry a crazy woman, have kids out of wedlock, become alcoholic, or become a consumerist vampire in an attempt to bring meaning to your life.
The fact is many people would rather live in an “appearance” of wealth instead of doing what it takes to be wealthy.

Many pro athletes and celebs have made MILLIONS and gone broke because there EXPENDITURE was more than there INCOME, over time those big paychecks stopped being so big but the cost of the lavish lifestyle swallowed them whole, making them bankrupt in the future.

Point 7:  Add Value in Everything you Do
This is the main thing.  Don’t think about money, it doesn’t exist.  Only VALUE exist.  The more creative and urgent ways you can give it, the more you’ll find money coming into your life.  The more aggressive you can be about giving value, the more you won’t have to worry.

Focus on tasks that yield the greatest reward:

Just like the compound exercises produce the most result.  The tasks of your days that have the most bang for your buck should get primary focus.  Focus on your big income earners.  Don’t get bogged down in small tasks.  Don’t become a email slave where you waste have your day playing “call and response” to people so that you never get your activities done that’ll grow your wealth.

Point 8:   Social Media

If you’re serious about making more money.  Social media use should be there to assist this, or you should limit this from your life.  There’s about 10 arguments I could make to get ride of social media altogether.  It’s a narcissism machine or self gratification.  If it isn’t assisting your business or adding potential to money making in some way – limit it like you limit entertainment.
Will power is limited, it is a energy source in a gas tank, if you spend it arguing with people or browsing nonsense, you won’t have any for what matters.

Point 9:  your List

All business men and woman and marketers know this – the List is king.  The list is your people, who you know.   Your net worth is your network.   People are everything and when you give value you want to ensure it’s going to the important people on your list and that you are expanding your list through the year.  You give value to them because you love them, not to get anything in return.
A servant heart should motivate your drive to work,  if you’re coming from a place of selfishness, your List will know it from a mile away.

Point 10:  Max Out Retirement
Plain and simple.  Unless you have a dialed in road to riches plan you are committed too, do everything you can to max out a Roth as early as you can.  The sooner you start the better, you cannot make up for lost time.

For the Single Man:
– quickly get 1,000 put away for emergency, then 3-6 months savings, then start investing.
– If you DO decide to get married, marry a GOOD BUSINESS PARTNER, look at your wife through this lens.  Yes love can be involved, but do not let anything emotional ride your decision making.  A GREAT wife is a GREAT partner – period.  A marriage will be the greatest business partnership you ever form and you must choose wisely.  Together you will do MANY MORE amazing things than you could do on your own, if you choose wisely
– Do not get married until you have an established financial life to BRING the woman into.  Your life should be something special, you should have trajectory, you don’t have to be perfect or have it all together.  But a man should have a kingdom and an adventure that his woman can be apart of.  If you aren’t bringing her into your world, you will crumble into hers, and you will pose a lack of strength that will make it harder to embark on where you want to go.  Get established first and you’ll fight off more obstacles and demons together as they come.

Point 11:  Avoid Hyper-Realities
Hyper Realities are things that absorb you and give you a false sense of meaning and purpose, but the truth is they’re superficial.    We are made for real life adventures, kingdoms to be built and protect, however we get sucked into the Matrix of hyper realities.
What are hyper realities?

– Politics.  Political drama can be intensely enticing in the “us” vs “them” way and it has an intense way of gratifying the ego.  The reality is little of what goes on politically will have any impact in the day to day.  I say this as someone who studies culture and politics.
-Sports.   Sports are the biggest form of self masturbation.  Next to porn, it is watching others do things you wish you yourself would be doing.  People will rattle off stats about there sportsteam but don’t put forth the same effort in their own body and learning new skills to make themselves more impressive.  It’s living through a conduit.
– Porn.  Porn is watching another man do what you wish you were doing, it trains your brain to be an observer of life.  Become a sex god.  Don’t watch other people.
– TV.  I love a good epic.  However this is another way to watch the adventure that should be your life.

Recommended Money Books:
– MJ Demarco’s Millionare Fastlane (for the entrepreneur)

-Tony Robbins Money Master the Game (if you are going to invest, read this)

-Dot Com Secrets (for those interested in online biz)

– Dave Ramesy Total Money Makeover (for basic financial living)

There’s plenty more I can add and perhaps I’ll come back to this for updates later.  The night is late and I must get some glorious sleep.

Stay strong.

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9 Week Hybrid Program – Strength/Programs/Aesthetics

What gets measured gets managed, and blasting off the New Year I’ll be embarking on a 9 week training cycle that will emphasize busting through plateaus in strength, performance, and aesthetics.

First I am finding rep maxes on a variety of lifts – some new and some familiar.  This will cover 4 days worth of testing.
From there the program will produce new rep schemes for each lift each week.  Essentially this is referred to as “Daily Undulating Periodization”, basically this means the rep schemes and weight selections will fluctuate daily.  So each lift will emphasize a certain attribute – strength rep ranges, size ranges, and endurance.

Some of my lifting highlights from the assessment:
Deadlift – 10 Rep Max – 405 pounds.
Bench Press – 305 x 9 reps.
Single arm DB Split squat – 90 pds x 13 reps.
High Pull – 10 reps at 195 pounds.
LandMine Barbell Press – 75 pounds on the bar x 8 reps

500 M Row – max resistance (1o) done in 1:40 seconds.

Good Mornings – 175 pounds x 8 reps
Drag Curls with Barbell, continuous motion, 105×8 reps.
Prone Y Raise on Incline – 25 lbs x 10


I’ll be following a carb cycling form of nutrition where I will match the higher card amounts on the more strenuous days, then lower amounts on the smaller days.

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Winter Rebirth – 2018

If life was a War how would you approach it?

That’s the mindset I am attacking life with in 2018  With strategy and tactics to close the gap from where I am now and where my goals would demand I go.

Every single hour of every single day is a chance to close the gap of who we are to what we want to become.

Winter is symbolized in many religions, Christian, Pagan, etc. as a time of Rebirth.  hibernation begins, energy is gathered, so new things can spring forth.

It is crucial to know where you want to go so that you can know what you should be doing in your daily routine.

Start with your result, and work backwards.

The concept, to the activities, to the daily.

I have to journal to hold myself accountable to planning my da and enacting upon it with commitment.   It keeps my head in the right place.  I write in a journal.  I know we are in the digital age but there’s something more targeted about writing things out.

A day drafted may look like:

  • upon waking- take vitamins with my breakfast shake.
  • train morning clients
  • weight lifting following a 5 day strength protocol
  • write-answer emails-publish ads
  • conditioning/or Taekwondo practice
  • clients
  • read after dinner 2 chapters of spiritual/business material. Feed the mind.
  • write out the next days objectives.the day should be stepping stones for the big goals.

    Do you need a extra 2K a month added to your finances?  May sure your activities are geared towards heading in that direction.  Sales calls, leads, marketing, writing a newsletter, being active on social media, whatever it may be.

    Do you need more fat loss?  Taking time to prep your meals, get accurate macros, pencil in the extra needed cardio sessions through the week, etc.

    We have a duty to be gravitating towards success.  Not a ‘modern’ superlative definition of success, but a spiritual one that gives our actions meaning.

    Today’s workout:

    Bench Press- 315@6 sets of 5
    Incline DB Fly – 3 sets of 15-10 reps 50-65 pds.
    Plyo Pushups – 3 sets of 10 clapping
    Cable Crossovers – 2 sets of 20-15
    DB Laterals- 4 sets of 15-10 reps
    Face Pulls – 3 sets of 20-15 reps
    Reverse Peck Deck – 2 sets of 20
    Seated DB Press- 3 sets of 15,12,8 reps.

    4 hours later I did 40 minutes of cardio (split 20 mins running intervals, 20 mins high incline walking)

    See you all in 2018.



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33 Years

I’ve spent half of my life now entrenched with this burning bent towards fitness, health, and self actualization.

Who would of thought I would make a living spreading the good word of strength, truth, and all around tenacious living.

I never want to say too much, nor feel like I have much to say.  But I would be remiss if I did not take the basic day of birth to reflect on some noble truths and throw them on digital paper…

If something is of great importance – obsession is the only thing that’ll make you great at it.  You become the best at something by plotting and losing sleep over it.  By hounding it, struggling and toiling it.  There is no coasting when you have a mission.   There is no getting around this if you want to be truly great at anything.
10,000 hours it takes to get “good” at something.  Much more to be great.

You can work for hobbies or your hobby can be your work.  Don’t get mixed up in the “If I’m not living my passion I’m failing”  there’s many ways to continue you to your passion, whether you’re paid for it or not, the important question is whether or not you’re passionate about anything at all.  How you get there can take many forms.

Work is blessing, it’s true whether you want to recognize it or not.  Effort gives life meaning.  Without it people go crazy when they retire – young or old, they get fat or the routine becomes redundant to the point of depression.   If material possessions bought happiness we would see happiness trending upward with the acquisition of material goods.  We don’t see this at all, stop thinking pleasure is in the next purchase.

The more you can tolerate the more power you’ll have in life.  A powerless person is one that blows in the wind of influence, opinions, and external forces.

I use to always want to be respected, but respect is approval and approval is for dogs.  Respect is nice when it’s earned, but it shouldn’t matter whether you have it or not.  It should never be a need.   Remember even ghetto thugs talk about respect right before they steal your shoes.

View products/information/data as a performance enhancer or a performance vacuum.  It’ll help cut out 50% of the wasted decisions we make that don’t add value to our life.


Become more “Meta” as you get older.  When you start to put greater value upon yourself (via self-improvement and the gym) you also start to value yourself in the larger context of the world, which is your family and tribe/nation.  The value of yourself leads to the value you’ll show others – family, friends, beyond.  This mentality only stems from the belief of your own worth and not based on any sort of hatred for others.

Avoid things that train your mind to be a “observer” in life.  I rail against porn for many reasons, not because it is the worst thing in the world but because it is the largest consumer of mens mind/time/energy.   A behavior like this trains the brain to become the passive partaker of pleasure yet requires nothing from him.  You’re watching the activity you wish you yourself were doing.   This can be true of entertainment in general.   I’m much more a proponent of creating the future you want to have.   If you are a slave to whatever detrimental weakness you should renounce it.


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Winter Season – Yearly Progress

Winter for just about the average-everyone is known as off season.

Work and dedication is what will separate the have’s from the have nots.  It’s this year ’round dedication that makes it possible to live differently from the crowd and adopt a different lifestyle.

Since I’ve begin training, I’ve always had at least one client that would drive over a hour each way to meet, or for their kid to get the training they need.  The quote “off season” is THE KEY to success.


75% of others will quit during this time, or minimally be very laxed in their pursuits.

Those who quit or slow down will lose strength, lose muscle, lose speed, lose confidence and lose their ability to recovery from activity, practice, and competition.  I’ve seen it over and over again.

Those who STICK to year round training – even if it’s emphasizing a different training protocol, different focus, split, etc. will continue to make yearly progress.

Think about that:  you stop for a season and for a couple weeks you feel good.  Weeks 3-4 you begin to feel weaker and more flat, lower energy.  Then your psychology starts to be effected with a confidence hit and you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror and begin to distract your self with other work or with entertainment.

A couple months go by and massive progress that seemed like it took forever to gain is lost.

Weeks 5-6 you really start to lose lots of speed and strength.  You being to second guess if you really want to start up again.

Common sense and a warrior mentality need to go hand in hand here.

Your competitions – be it yourself or someone else – is not quitting.  The ones that have “it” aren’t.  Some are content with being part of the crowd, the ones just participating in the activity, and others want to be leading the charge.

Everyone has responsibilities, the yearly schedule of holidays, games, birthdays, etc. is a part of life.  It’s not a reason to sacrifice the important stuff.

1 night out of the week you stay up a extra hour to get that workout in, or you wake up at 4 am two times a week if need be to get it in.

I apply these same methods to my life and work.

It’s why I don’t truly believe in an off time, but I believe in seasonal shifts of focus.  I believe we are built for seasonal changes with the natural rhythms of our bodies and the primordial Truths of Natural Law.

Winter is about strength and size for me.  Spring is a birth of conditioning and agility.  Summer is about leanness and fat loss.  Fall is about serious muscle gain and outdoor activity.   None of this is set in stone, and no particular style of training stops completely just because another one takes priority.

There are some things that will always be apart of my routine, however in certain seasons they will take a different priority level.  I’ll still squat during the fat loss summer season, however it’s different and I’ll be sure to get in more cardio frequency those months, over hitting new PR squat numbers.   The reverse will be true in the winter.

Our food taste changes as well – listen to that.  You may want heavier foods in the winter, warm soups, more dairy, meats, and healthy grains.  However in spring and summer your body may want juices, fruits, dates, and very light vegetable meals.

The Eskimos in Alaska carry buckets up to 50 pounds with their jaws, they eat a 90% fat diet, while the African tribesman will consist of fruits, nuts, and small amounts of animal meat.  The thing these two opposing diets have in common is their locality to their natural climates and the fact neither gets tooth decay or sees a doctor.

Listen to the seasons and don’t stop your training.

I’ll leave you with a strength quote:

“But when you think you’re safe is precisely when you’re most vulnerable.”

Til next time,


Strength and Conditioning Coach

Nutrition Certified

WBFF Physique Athlete

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