• I have been lifting since I was 12 years old. Always been around fitness, working at and managing gyms, spending hours lifting and trying to achieve the body I desired. After being inspired by my girlfriend to try out Josh Meyers program and after endless years of not quite getting where I wanted, he transformed my techniques and dieting and quickly made me realize what was possible with someone who had a deeper knowledge and understanding of the body and how it works.” — Chris Chilton, NPC Physique Competitor


  • “Thank you for being the best trainer in the world and helping me achieve my goal to have a Brittney Spears stomach!  I have never been so happy and confident in my body.  You taught me I can enjoy my favorite foods while getting results!”  — Kristy Lee Hair, Singer/Songwriter











  • “I have been training with Josh for over two years, he took me from being 60 pounds overweight to competing in 2 NPC Bikini Division Competitions.  I cannot believe all what Josh does for his clients and how he goes above and beyond to ensure their progress.” — Kristin Johnson, NPC Bikini Competitor







  • “I started training with josh about 10 months ago. What a great experience it has been. I have trimmed my weight by 15 pounds and added solid muscle throughout.  Josh consistently develops new workouts that challenge me.  He pushes me with innovative circuit and workout combinations that I never would have come up with myself. Working out with Josh has been fun and rewarding.  Thanks Josh!” — Travis Flory

  • “I spent 5 years training with Josh Meyers. I changed the way my body looks and changed the way I view myself.  Money and time well spent!”  — Clark Patterson, Country Music Musician


  • “Josh is a first class trainer and is cherished as my go to person whenever I have any questions or need help. He is an incredibly valuable source of knowledge and creates killer workouts!”  — Sarah Hoots, NPC Bikini Competitor and Fitness Model


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