Coaching vs. Gurus

If you want a coach to be the most effective for you – they need to know WHO you are.
People fall prey to guruism but no Tony Robbins-esque guru can really change your circumstances, long term, unless they know a great deal about you.
In my early years I spent hundred and thousands of dollars learning from the high profile guys that served the masses.

As I grew, I learned paying for 1 on 1 intimate detailed coaching from business guys that took the time to learn who I am what my strengths and weaknesses were, was far more valuable then all the other coaching I received.

Even if the coach you use isn’t the smartest or the top of the industry, if they deal with you on a personal basis of getting to know what your goals are, what your past history has been, what you’re doing now and where you’re wanting to go, what you like and dislike, they will be more effective then getting coaching from those at the top of the industry who don’t  get personal with you.

After spending a lot of money on expensive courses, I hired a guy who was successful in my industry to help me grow online.  He took the time to ask HOW I liked to market, he looked at my strengths such as my looks and speaking ability, and recommended videos being better for me then writing.   When he found out I didn’t enjoy making videos, we came up with a new strategy that still emphasized that strength.

These are the things you won’t get from impersonal learning methods.

Get a coach who is better than you, but gets personal with you.  You’ll grow leaps and bounds.




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