***These programs are all $30 and range from 6-8 weeks in length.  Please email the name of the program of your choice to   



  • This program is a 3 way split that covers the whole body in 3 workouts, there's also a conditioning day for fat loss and heart health to lean you out.

  • The style is based on some of the format of bodybuilding legend and the most aesthetic looking man, Frank Zane.

  • The beauty of this training cycle is the frequency, usually after 48-72 hours a muscle is fresh again and ready to be trained, this keeps you from going too long without attacking that muscle group again, yielding to better growth.

  • Ideal for the intermediate lifter, or those who love a frequent rotation


  • Based off the X-Man and the research I've done on actor Huge Jackmans style of training and dieting for his long career roll.  He progressively got into magnificent shape through the years and stayed in a healthy bodyweight range.

  • This mixes strength training, bodybuilding training, and performance based conditioning movements.  Hitting the trifecta of a physique that's functional, strong, but looks good.  Huge trained all three areas.

  • The diet starts with an increase in calories and cuts through the training.

  • This program is minimally 8 weeks and can be cycles again and again, using your new strength max's as you get stronger through each cycle.

Greek god Physique

  • This is a classic 5 day bodybuilding focus on pure aesthetics and muscular development.

  • Some of the training is from the 70s Golden Age bodybuildings and the newer 5-Day split that man bodybuilders gravitate through.

  • If you love to focus on 1-2 muscle groups only and pound them to oblivion.  This program is for you

  • Intermediate to Advance here.

Herculean Strength

  • This 5 Day routine is all about getting stronger.  You will be doing the compound lifts twice a week in different rep ranges.  This is an 8 week program guaranteed to have you hitting new maxs in the big compound lifts.  If you follow this to the T and don't increase your lifts I will compensate you myself.

  • Be prepared for compound lifts and lifting by the numbers, strength gains are all about a formulaic process that we will be following.  This program can be done in any gym where you have access to barbells and free weights

The Flash

  • This 6 weeks program focuses on fat loss.  We will be using timed sets, controlled rest, and high intensity movements to blast the fat.

  • We will use weights, circuits, supersets, bodyweight training, to keep heart rate in a cardio range while workout big muscle groups.  You shouldn't lose any hard earned muscle as the rep ranges will be challenging enough, however the metabolic response is where we will see you lean out.

  • The nutrition plan will have you in a deficit with a strategic refeed process through the weeks.

  • These workouts last anywhere from 45-60 mins.