My Story

Qualifications:  Honors Kinesiology Degree

Certified: Precision Nutrition Certified; Strength and Conditioning Certification

Highlights:  WBFF Muscle Model Competitor, NPC Mens Physique Competitor, U.S. Marine, MMA and Competitive Kickboxer and TaeKwonDo practitioner.

I’ve been a lover of the Fitness culture for over 17 years now.

When I started I just did not want to be a skinny insecure kid, I wanted to excel in everything I did.  As I got into sports I realized I had a love for physical culture.  I loved exerting myself to my maximal effort.  I didn’t have great genetics or any special abilities that led me to excel in anything I did..

I was average at best at just about every sport.  One thing I pride myself on is my incredible work ethic, it’s what has taken me to where I am today.  The other thing would be my emotional intelligence and ability to use intuition and gauge what works from what doesn’t.

I’ve studied just about everything I could get my hands on in my field, and I never stop learning.  I am a student of knowledge.

A Strength Philosopher.  I have studied the roots of strength from many sources and have found it is fairly absent in many fitness regimes.

My love for fitness and bodybuilding grew from Martial Arts, which led me into the Marine Corps- earning the rank of Sergeant.

During that time I was bitten by the bodybuilding bug and has been addicted to training every since.  I have trained in a variety of fitness philosophies and am a dedicated physique athlete with a heart for helping others.

I say I am a hybrid physique athlete because quite frankly, I’ve rolled everything up into one.  I personally like to train as aesthetic as a bodybuilder, strong as a power lifter, explosive as a athlete, and conditioned enough to fight if I ever have to.

I have a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology and work experience with all kinds of clients from age ranges from 16-73.

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach in Underground Strength.certifiedlogo






The most important factor in coaching is experience.  I know all sorts of people in academia with no life knowledge, or at least no will to apply it.

Give me the option of someone with massive head knowledge or a guy who has been in the trenches, and I will take the guy from the trenches every time.

I compete in Bodybuilding and Physique competitions around the nation.  But those things don’t define me.  My love for fitness is what defines me, and it isn’t held in one specific modality.

I value all walks and roads to fitness and believe in being well rounded.

What good is being all muscle if you can’t run?

What good is running if you can’t lift anything?

What is a body without a bullet proof immune system and the health and longevity to boot?

Flexibility is a must in this modern sit-down posture-wreckin’ society.

I can’t tell you how long it took to finally start taking care of my flexibility and mobility with the same focus I put on my bodybuilding and strength training.

We need all these things, and we were designed to make use of all these aspects of Fitness.


Let’s be strong in every avenue.


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